Saralyn Mark, MD, founder and President of SolaMed Solutions, LLC, is an endocrinologist, geriatrician and a women's health specialist. She was the first Senior Medical Advisor to the Office on Women's Health within the Department of Health and Human Services for 11 years and continues to advise the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). She designed the first women's health fellowship in the Nation, helped create the National Centers of Leadership in Academic Medicine, the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health in academic and community health centers across the country and landmark educational campaigns on critical health issues. She has published and delivered over 600 lectures across the globe. After years of working at the highest levels of government, Dr. Mark has built extensive contacts and alliances within the government, industry, academia and NGOs. As President of SolaMed Solutions, LLC since 2006, Dr. Mark serves as a medical and scientific policy advisor to the White House, agencies and organizations across the globe dedicated to improving health.

MISSION: To improve health and well-being through the analysis and dissemination of evidence-based knowledge.


Provide medical and scientific expertise on a broad spectrum of health and scientific issues, incorporate technical and clinical knowledge into the assessment of factors adversely impacting health as well as the development of solutions and strategic planning through research, service delivery, public education, health professional training, leadership development, and public/private sector partnerships.

  • Think outside of existing programs and policy/practices to envision new ways to develop tools and solutions to create innovation and effective interventions.
  • Lead change and progress in complex and challenging environments through coalition building and enhancing organizational capacity.
  • Consult with members of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, professional societies, health departments, academia, industry, voluntary and non-governmental organizations
  • Represent and attend meetings, conferences and symposia on health care and scientific issues.
  • Plan and develop roundtables, summits and briefings on health care and scientific issues of concern. Facilitate, moderate and present during these sponsored events.
  • Communicate effectively through written and oral presentations which are persuasive and cogently delivered to a broad audience of key stakeholders.

ALLIANCES: White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, NASA, General Motors, Ogilvy PR, Cook Group, Inc, InoMedic Health Applications, LLC, Dynamac Corporation, Women 4 Women, World Health Organization, Women Inc, Global Alliance for Women's Health, UN Global Council on Gender Medicine, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, University of Colorado Health Science Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, American Academy of Pediatrics/AMA Physician Reentry Into the Workforce Project, Lluminari, www.StellarMD.com, Yale University School of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, ABC News/Good Morning America Health, George Mason University, Office of Personnel Management Executive Leadership Institute, Pfizer, ConvaTec, Kings College London, UK NETPark, Precision Health Media, Brick Tower Press, Logica, Society for Women's Health Research, APCO International Advisory Council and Health Advisory Board, Health Expert Network, Digital Management Inc., Inspiration Mars, www.BeWell.com, Load Zero Foundation, UCSD School of Public Policy, Paragon Space Development Corporation, AbbVie, MOGUL, Great Southern Engineering